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5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic In 2021

You’ve uploaded products and designed nicely for your website, now what you need to do is to increase your website traffic!

But how?

Don’t worry as this article will help you to figure out how to increase website traffic on your store or website. Remember that the more website traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to convert users.

Let’s Start!

  1. Optimize your website for search

Firstly, focus on finding keywords that represent your niche to base your blog content and store pages on. The keywords are important as people will Google search for the keywords when they’re looking for products or services. 

Build a strong foundation of relevant keywords first. Be sure to take advantage of the blog on your online store as it can have the biggest impact on driving organic traffic to your website.

2. Add new products or content to your website daily

Next, one of Google’s ranking factors is how new the content is, it’s also a good idea to update your website content on a regular basis — daily if possible. 

This can improve your website SEO ranking and will also keep users to visit your website more frequently.    

3.Optimize long tail keywords

Besides using one word keyword, it’s important to also pay particular attention to the long tail keyword opportunities. Some long tail keywords are specific keywords and they typically have less search volume and, as a result, less competition. That means it’s not only easier to rank for relevant long tail keywords, but it’s also easier to guess the searcher intent.

Hence, this will drive more organic search traffic to your site from a targeted group of users.

4.Drive website traffic with Facebook

Moreover, while Facebook’s organic reach continues to decrease, as Facebook prioritizes posts from users’ friends and family members, that doesn’t make this platform less of a powerhouse. You can share your website in Facebook groups, Facebook Ads or simply through posts on your business page. 

Guess What?

This will also drive organic traffic to your website and increase interest of your customers in your products!

5. Engage in email marketing

Although building an email marketing list can be time consuming, it’s important to do this as you’ll keep all potential customers coming back to your website. With email marketing, you’ll be able to keep driving website traffic to your store as long as your customers stay subscribed. With social media sites continuously limiting your reach, email marketing is one of the only marketing channels you can have complete control over. 

Lastly, these are all the words that can boost your website traffic greatly for free! 

Having any questions related to Google Analytics or website? Feel free to get in touch with us and keep a lookout on this platform because we will be updating you with resourceful posts!

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