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Making big changes to your business may seem overwhelming and scary sometimes. One of those changes may be website migration in which you have decided to move your online business to a new domain or moving your content to a new Content Management System.

This is how Cloudix can help you in terms of website migration:


An important aspect of redirecting your entire website would be migrating the URLs, we make sure that every old URLs are redirected correctly and efficiently to new alternative URLs that benefits your website SEO.

Content Migration:

In this process, we help to analyse your website content to better suggest to you on arranging  which ones to improve and highlight which ones are no longer relevant. Constant updates on website content may easily be neglected by business owners. Imagine it like moving to a brand new house, some old furniture needs to be changed as well to cater with the new environment and structure.

Structure Reorganization:

As the same example of moving to a new house, we will need to help your website reorganize the web pages, layouts and overall structure to make sure the new website interface and experience brings even more convenience to your users.

Guided Transition:

Cloudix provides you with a clear step by step proposal and map process on how you can migrate your website to better increase sales lead generations and profit in the long run. Having proper guidance under professional experts may save you a lot of time and prevent you from unnecessary pitfalls that cause long lasting damages to your website and revenue during the migration process

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