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Pay Per Click – PPC

Cloudix Digital, an online advertising agency, we deliver customized service by providing a holistic online advertising strategy and proposal according to your business nature and growth opportunities. 

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a type of cost-efficient online advertising method. As the name suggests, you only have to pay for the advertising cost when users click on the ads. Furthermore, you have the ability to budget the cost of ads according to your needs because you can also set how much to pay per click.

Online platforms that offer PPC advertising include Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. Luckily for you, we are experts specializing in PPC advertising for these platforms so we could consult you on which platform works best for your marketing strategy.  

One of the most popular and widely used PPC advertising is Google Ads. Imagine your business website or campaign ads show up on top of the search engine results whenever users are looking for any information related to your business nature. This allows you to reach your target audience with minimum effort and have higher visibility compared to your competitors.

Here are the types of PPC methods which Google Ads offer:

Paid Search: Your sponsored link and text ads will appear on top of the search engine results.

Remarketing: Remarket your ads to users who have previously visited your website.

Youtube: Ads appearing in Youtube search results and within Youtube videos.

Display: Textual or graphical ads appearing on third party websites.

Shopping: Similar to Paid Search, your ads show your sponsored product image and price.

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