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SEO Audit

CLOUDIX is a Leading SEO Digital Marketing Agency in KL, Malaysia that delivers the best result. Get your business listing and rank higher on Google is our priority.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit analyses how well your website is performing in Search Engines such as Google. Having an expert to conduct this auditing process for your business website may become one your best decisions ever. After figuring out which part of your SEO is lacking, an improved strategy may highly increase the presence of your website and ease your digital marketing efforts.

An auditing checklist:

  1. Technical
    – Crawlability (Search Engine’s ability to crawl the content on your page)
    – Indexability (Search Engine’s capability to analyse and add a page to its index )
    – Site Load Time (The loading speed of your website)
    – Broken Links
    – Server Errors
    – Mobile-friendliness
  1. On-Page SEO (Factors within your control)
    – Title Tags
    – Heading Tags
    – Meta Descriptions
    – URL Structures
  1. Off-Page SEO (Actions taken outside your website)
    – Number of Inbound Links (Links from other websites that direct to your website)
    – Quality of Inbound Links
    Traffic Analysis
    – Competitive Analysis
  1. Content
    Keyword Research
    – Content and Keyword Relevance
    Landing Pages
    – Content Quality
    – Search Intent and Demand
    – Conversion Analysis
    – Webpage Rankings
  1. User Experience
    – Dwell Time (Time spent on your website)
    Click Through Rate (Ratio of people who see the ad and how often they click on it)
    – Bounce Rate (Rate of leaving your website)
    Website Design
    – Website Navigation
    – Internal and External Links

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