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User Interface & User Experience (UI / UX)

Cloudix Digital Agency Malaysia create stunning website design for all the corporates and businesses worldwide. Building the sales funnel that generates customer leads automatically.

First let’s understand what’s the difference between User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

UI: A web design specialization that deals with how users interact with the controls of a website or app such as button display and gesture controls.

UX: A web design specialization that deals with how users behave and feel when navigating through a website or app hence the name of dealing with the experience of users. 

It is not difficult to realize that although there’s a slight difference between the two specializations, they are still equally important in determining the success of your business website. The next question would be: How can Cloudix help you in terms of UI/UX design?

Strategizing > Designing > Testing > Optimizing

Cloudix brings you through the end-to-end process from planning to implementing an optimal UI/UX design for your business website. By being on top of the latest web design trend, we propose our strategy to you not blindly but through solid facts and statistical analysis on what works and what doesn’t. 

Rest assured you will be involved and constantly updated throughout our designing and testing phase to witness the results and aligning with the business expectations. Once we have successfully developed your desired objectives, we will further value add our service by continuously researching the latest UI/UX designs and features to optimize your website.

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