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Content Creation

At Cloudix, we provide end-to-end content marketing services to help your business advance and grow. Our team of content marketing experts deliver satisfying results based on trend research and analysis to keep your business at the forefront of this digital era.

After identifying your digital content strategy and planning your creative ideas. It’s finally time to create them and show it to the world! Our service for creating content is handled with the utmost care, from SEO writing, layout illustrations, infographics to graphic design, the Cloudix content creation team ensures your creative ideas reach your customers and capture their interests.

Here are the types of content we can help your business:

  1. Hygiene Content:
    – These contents create the foundation for your online presence because they are contents people are looking for.
    – They include landing pages and product or service content developed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
    – They play important roles in ranking your branding keywords for users to find you.
  1. Hub Content:
    – These are regular and consistent contents to stay engaged with your customers.
    – They include email marketing updates, social media postings and regular blog posts.
    – Their aim is to build awareness, engagements and improve user experience with latest news and trend information.
  1. Hero Content:
    – These are known as large scale “Go BIG” content for campaigns and events which can go viral.
    – They can be in the form of high impact videos, interviews or interactive content for your marketing campaigns.
    – The goal is to create a large impact across a broad group of audience to allow new users to know your business brand.

During the content creation process, we always think ahead to make sure our developed content keeps up with our content strategy. We demonstrate efficiency and structure by creating content calendars to schedule our created content for posting. This makes it easy for clients to visualise the content and for us to make improvements according to your needs.

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CLOUDIX is a top-notch web design company that designs stunning and visually appealing websites.

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CLOUDIX is your go-to scaleup social media specialist, delivering impact and expertise from scratch.

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We are the ideal partner for small and medium enterprises looking to improve their online presence and visibility.

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Our branding services not just making logos, also create professional brand identities for businesses.