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Cloudix Digital Agency Malaysia create stunning website design for all the corporates and businesses worldwide. Building the sales funnel that generates customer leads automatically.

What is a domain? A domain is the name and address your website can be found on the Internet. For example: https://cloudixdigital.com/

What is hosting? Web hosting refers to the storage location your website content is stored.

If domain is your house address, then your actual house will be your hosting server. You need both of these things to create and run your website. Web hosting refers to the service that allows your website to be accessible on the internet. Hosting providers offer server space and infrastructure where your website’s files, data, and content are stored. When a user types your domain name into a browser, the hosting server delivers the requested website content to the user’s device. Hosting plans can vary in terms of storage, bandwidth, performance, security features, and support. Common types of hosting include shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and cloud hosting.

Why should you rely on the Domain and Hosting Services by Cloudix?  

Negotiable Pricing – Although having your own domain and hosting server may not be free, the experienced Cloudix team is ready to advise you on different plans and packages accordingly to fit your needs while saving unnecessary cost.

Security – It is not to be forgotten that the online world is full of malicious activities and harmful threats. A website hosted by someone inexperienced may come across various performance issues which is why Cloudix is trusted by our many clients. 

Reliable – Having a professional to help monitor your server infrastructure may save up more time and hassle than you can imagine. From setting up the server to maintaining and optimising your website content, Cloudix serves as your one stop consultant.

One Stop Services Provider

Web Design & Development

CLOUDIX is a top-notch web design company that designs stunning and visually appealing websites.

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CLOUDIX is your go-to scaleup social media specialist, delivering impact and expertise from scratch.

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We are the ideal partner for small and medium enterprises looking to improve their online presence and visibility.

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Our branding services not just making logos, also create professional brand identities for businesses.