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Google Tag Manager

Cloudix Digital, an online advertising agency, we deliver customized service by providing a holistic online advertising strategy and proposal according to your business nature and growth opportunities. 

Google tags refers to snippets of useful digital codes which could be implemented on your website to improve performance. On the other hand, Google Tag Manager is a tag management system which helps you to efficiently manage and implement these tags. It helps your business to add the following services without needing a technical developer while ensuring you don’t mess up the original version of the website.

Uses of Google Tag Manager:

Speed: Increase the speed of your webpage loading time through tag management.

Consolidation: Consolidate and manage with powerful editing tools with just a few clicks.

Workflow: Simplify workflows and changes with preview mode and easy debugging features.

Cloudix is here to help set up and install Google Tag Manager for your business websites. With our certified Google Tag Manager specialists and Analytic consultants, we provide step by step guides and training in utilizing these free tools to grow your business to the next level.  

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