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5 Tips To Maximize Your Google Ads Performance

Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform from Google which allows advertisers to reach targeted audiences. As the name PPC suggests, you only pay when users click on your ad which is very cost-effective compared to traditional advertisement on television or newspapers. Google Ads is a widely used online marketing tool for businesses all around the world, it helps your business to advertise effectively while being in control of budget. Today we will share with you 5 tips to maximize your Google Ads performance.

Let’s Start!

1. Learn the Basics

One of the most important tips is to start by understanding what you hope to achieve with Google Ads and learn how each tool can benefit your business. 

Here are the types of PPC ads:

Search ads: Once you pay for search ads, these ads in text format will appear on top of search results according to relevant keywords. There will be a tag with “ad” to show that they are search ads. 

Google Shopping Ads: These ads are in carousel format including images prices of products from different online shops and brands. They provide a visual comparison for users when searching for items to shop online. 

Local Services Ads: These ads are for service companies such as plumbers and electricians. They are similar to shopping ads but they promote services instead of items.

2. Capture your Target Audience

Google Ads provides convenient tools for you to effectively target the desired audience for your business. The more focus you have on your target audience, the higher the chance you will obtain sales. For example, if you are selling women’s accessories, you should focus your ads on women profiles, rather than men and children. That way, you can save your advertising cost and reach your target customers easily. 

Take the time to research the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. It’s always worth the time to learn about the demand of your customers and show them how your business can serve them through Google Ads.

3. Bid Relevant Keywords

You need to bid for the keywords you want for your ads, the bid amount is the most you are willing to pay when people click on your ads. Your ads positioning will depend on your bid price and quality score and how long you want to run your ads depends on your budget.  Keywords are crucial for your customers to find you through Search Ads. When users type a keyword related to your product or service on Google, your business website may appear on their search results. 

A useful tip for you is to invest in keywords with high conversion rates so users are more likely to click on your ad. Another tip is to invest in keywords with commercial intent which means users already have a strong desire to purchase, you can secure your sales conversion a lot easier.

4. Optimize Your Website

Once your ads show up on the users screen, the next thing you hope is they click on your ad to be directed to your website or link to your specific goods or services. Your headline should be attractive and creative compared to your competitors so users will choose to click on your ads. For example, having a call to action and appealing to their emotions by triggering their curiosity.  

Once your potential customers have clicked on your ad, you have to make sure they stay on your website. The last thing you want is them leaving due to a lousy and uncompelling website. Take the time to redesign and optimize your website to make sure it is easy to navigate and understand.

5. Track and Adjust

Once your ads are up and running, Google Ads allows you to track your ad performance and results seamlessly. Some of the most commonly used metrics include cost, impression, clicks, click-through-rate and conversions. If you are new to Google Ads, you may not achieve your desired results immediately and that’s totally fine because you track and make adjustments accordingly to learn the most efficient method to advertise through Google Ads.

So here are 5 tips you should know to maximize your Google Ads performance. Rather than taking the time to experiment with these methods, would you agree that it’s a lot more time saving to allow experts to help your business run Google Ads? If you like being as efficient as your business, we have great news for you! Cloudix offers all these advertising solutions and we have a lot more tips on our sleeves that we can’t wait to apply them for your awesome business. Get in touch with us because consultation is FREE!

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