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Key difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Internet is one of the most effective and efficient ways to communicate. Every business, huge or small has start transform their business from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Technology started to change everything. While Traditional Marketing can only access to limited people, Digital Marketing can reach to all range of people, age group and every country.

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Key difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing


Traditional marketing includes any type of promotion, advertising, or campaign used by businesses over the years to market their products and services through traditional channels such as radio, television, magazine and so on. 

On the other hand, Digital Marketing is the process of a business selling or promoting their product and services using online marketing channels and strategies such as social media, google ads and websites.

Conversion rate

In Digital Marketing, the conversion rate from prospect to leads is quicker than traditional marketing. This is because digital marketing is data driven marketing and advertising is delivered to consumers based on their likes and interests which help in generating potential leads. 


Traditional marketing is one way communication, where the company spreads information about the product and services available, However, digital marketing is two-way communication where a company spreads the information and customers can give feedback on the product and services in the form of reviews.

Speed of result

It can take weeks or months to track results when it comes to traditional marketing. With digital marketing, it is much easier to track results with real-time results with the use of reports and analytics. For example, a company can track the advertising result with a click-through rate.

Digital marketing can bring a lot of opportunities and growth to businesses. It can lead to exposure and more sales. If this blog has your spark your interest to start your marketing digitally, Cloudix offers all these solutions and we have a lot more tips on our sleeves that we can’t wait to apply them for your awesome business.

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