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3 Ways To Lower CPC For Google ads

Show your ads to more customers searching for you & pay when ads are clicked. Reach your target audience across Google, YouTube and others. In this day and age, who doesn’t use the internet? As literally everyone is surfing the internet everyday, lower CPC and advertising on google is definitely beneficial in many ways.

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What Is CPC?

Cost per click (CPC) is a paid ads concept in which an advertiser pays a fee to the publisher for each click on an ad. Cost per click, the cost you pay for each click, is important because it ultimately determines the financial success of your campaigns. Lower CPC is one of the most important metrics that you should be measuring and managing to ensure a good ROI. The CPC that an advertiser pays plays a critical part in their campaign’s profitability.

CPC varies based on the competitiveness of the sector, among other aspects,  but you should still analyse whether or not you can still earn profit after you pay for the cost of your clicks. This is where CPA comes in. For example, if you spend more money on a potential client than you can make from them, you’re probably paying for that person to remain your customer. Lower CPC may be hard since you want to maintain value while reducing the amount you spend for each click.

There are 3 ways to lower CPC in Google ads

1.Improve quality score

Since that Quality Score has a direct influence on the actual CPC you spend, it makes sense to focus on this while trying to optimise the success of your campaign. It is also important  to understand what Quality Score is, how it is calculated, and what factors impact it.

2.Use ads scheduling

Bidding encompasses more than just keywords. Ad scheduling allows you to guarantee that your advertisements appear at times of day when your audience are most likely to be engaged and converted.

This information may be used to create a unique ad schedule that will help you maintain and grow your average CPC while generating more conversions from the budget.

3.Adding negative keyword 

One of the ways is using negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing for unrelated terms. A negative keyword stops your ad from being generated by a specific term or phrase for which you would not want to appear. This is because adding negative keywords can help to reduce and improve your CPC by ensuring you are not bidding on irrelevant terms that are suffering from an extremely low Quality Score or on competing, generic keyword

Now we have gone through the ways to lower CPC in Google ads. If this blog has your spark your interest to develop your own google advertising, Cloudix offers all these solutions and we have a lot more tips on our sleeves that we can’t wait to apply them for your awesome business.

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