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Main Metrics for Google Analytics

The following are 5 main metrics to monitor Google Analytics:

1. Acquisition Overview

The Acquisition Overview section, found by going to Acquisition > Overview after you log into Google Analytics, enables you to keep an eye on traffic sources – organic search, direct hits, referrals, and social media.

google analytic acquisition

2. Social Overview

You can find the Social Overview section under Acquisition > Social. This enables you to measure what Google Analytics refers to as the ‘social relationship’, which is the impact of social media on your site. To do this, Google Analytics provides you with information about the networks where your content gets shared, your on-site user engagement, and the flow of users through your site.

You can also create unique goals to track the value of social media to your conversions.

social overview GA

3. Bounce Rate

This is the percentage of your page session that left without interacting further; as in, they left your website entirely. Keep an eye on it and if any pages change drastically (or the whole site does), then you need to do some investigating and make some changes.

GA bounce rate

4. Exit Page

You can view a list of your site’s exit pages by going to Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages.

When you visit a site and view a few pages, your exit page is the last one you view. The rate at which each page serves as an exit page is not to be confused with its bounce rate. While the two values are related, they are not the same.

GA exit page

A high exit rate suggests that a particular page is losing visitors and may be a good candidate for A/B testing to keep users around for longer. Every user will exit at some point, but the better the overall experience, the longer they’ll stay.

5. Goals

As the owner of a website, you can pick any actions and set it up as a goal. Even simple stuff, such as someone using a contact form, can be a goal. Whenever someone completes one of your goals, Google Analytics will count it as a conversion.

To set up goals, go to Conversions > Goals > Overview > Set up goals. You’ll find yourself under the Admin tab with two options: + NEW GOAL and Import from Gallery.

The first enables you to set up your own goal, while the second displays a gallery of community-made goals which you can use on your site. For example, here’s a popular goal for contact form submissions:

Google Analytic’s Solutions Gallery includes up to 3,000 goals, and you might find something helpful for your website. As far as setting up your own goals, Google Analytics’s help section walks you through the process from start to finish – and if you prefer video tutorials, here they are.

GA goal
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