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There are about billions of Websites online each trying to generate and engage more potential customers.


How Does Your Business Stands Out From Them?


Achieve ‘Top Search’ for your business website.

A good Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy is the main key factor in your business growth as it helps to build business visibility and brand awareness online.


CLOUDIX SEM can approach your potential customers with a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy in multiple ways, depending on your online marketing budget and short and long-term objectives.

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How Our SEM Team Helps?

Paid Ads with Faster Result

Search Engine

Rank your website on the First Page in an Organic way. CLOUDIX SEM specialists help you to identify the best keywords and provide a complete SEO service to achieve these goals. Regular reports will keep you informed of all progress and ranking changes.

Search Engine

SEM, Paid Ads to rank your Website on the First Search Result! Get this shortcut to make your Website visible on Google in a faster way.

Social Media

Advertising on social is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you want. You can target brand new customers or returning ones and expand your business reach on social media easily.

Pay Per

PPC advertising has proven to be a reliable and profitable channel for tons of B2B, B2C, nonprofits, and other companies seeking quick, quality traffic and conversions. PPC can help you achieve a vast number of business and marketing goals. These goals range from high-level brand exposure.

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Grow your Business Instantly
with google ads (SEM)

Statistics show that most visitors will only click on the results on the FIRST PAGE. It is very important that your business website achieves on ‘Top Search’. It is essential that your Website appears in the search engines’ top result page, or you will be defeated easily by your competitors.


With millions of businesses out there all vying for the same eyeballs, search engine marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your products and grow your business and drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel.



CLOUDIX SEM is the go-to scaleup social media specialist, delivering impact and expertise from scratch. In addition, our mission is to create scale in businesses we believe in.

One Stop Digital Marketing Solutions

Why Pick CLOUDIX As Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Agency?

CLOUDIX SEM is not only a digital marketing agency, but a platform to help clients to bring their business online from scratch. Also, we have our expert consultants to analyze your industry and guide you the right way to grow your business smart. 

Creative Content
Attractive Design
Analysis & Target
Leads Generation
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SEM is Trackable & Measurable

Everything under your control

A major benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) run through Google Ads is that it’s easy to measure and track. Simply use the Google Ads tool in combination with Google Analytics.


You’ll see high-level performance details including impressions, clicks, and conversions (based on the defined business goals).


Monitoring your SEM taking too much of your time? Leave it to CLOUDIX team!

Google Search Result

Show me on first

Ads that appear on the first page or above the search results get more clicks and engagement than ads that appear on the next pages. To help your website show in these sacred positions, Google Ads provides cost-per-click (CPC) bid estimates and gives you cost estimates at a glance.

Sales Funnel

Bring me leads

Understanding the concept of sales funnels is important because it’s a useful model for visualizing the customer journey from initial awareness all the way through conversion. The sales funnel helps businesses speed up the sales process, build better relationships with leads and customers, provide a personalized approach, generate more sales and maximize marketing efforts.

Brand Awareness

Everyone Know me

Brand Awareness is important when launching new products and services, and it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating between competing companies. It encourages repeat purchases and leads to an increase in market share and incremental sales.

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On a search engine results page (SERP), the organic (also called natural) results are determined by the search engine’s algorithmic (i.e. mathematical & statistical) formulas for ranking pages. The organic results have become somewhat “sacred;” if it was ever revealed that a search engine was manually ranking pages, the perceived value of the service would be greatly diminished due to a lack of strict objectivity.

Search engine marketing, SEM, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With millions of businesses out there all vying for the same eyeballs, it’s never been more important to advertise online, and search engine marketing is the most effective way to promote your products and grow your business.

When you type something into Google, you are presented with a list of results; or SERP (the search engine results page) which shows organic results and paid results.

Paid search results have a little green box with the word “ad” before the listing; this is where a company, like yours, has paid to have their page show up at the top of the list. This can be done through Google Ads search campaign, which charges you when someone clicks on that link. Paid search works to drive traffic to your website through relevant ads.

PPC, Pay Per Click, is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These ads appear when people search for things online using a search engine like Google – especially when they are performing commercial searches, meaning that they’re looking for something to buy. T

Paid search has proven to be one of the highest return-on-investment (ROI) channels both online and offline. Why? Relevancy. Search engines have become the new Yellow Pages where users go to find products and services. 

So, do you think is important for your website?

The easiest way to get started with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts is to contact CLOUDIX SEM. If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, or would like more information before moving forward, we recommend downloading some free search engine optimization (SEO) software and reading our integrated marketing blog.

Search engine marketing efforts are highly measurable. If your objective is to generate awareness, you can track “impressions” and “clicks” on organic and paid search engine listings. If your objective is to measure brand preference or performance of text ad creative, you can measure “click through” and “conversion” rates.

Cloudix has focused exclusively on providing search engine marketing services to clients for over 2 years. Cloudix generates a measurable return-on-investment (ROI) for clients by developing world-class digital strategies rooted in a unique background that combines integrated marketing, business consulting, and problem-solving. 

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